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Personal Account

This service provides access to the Internet via an analog modem connection to our servers along with a personal email account. The email account allows you to send and receive via our mail servers. Your email address would be and you can exchange email with anyone else on the Internet. The basic price includes up to 10MB of space in your Inbox; additional space is extra. Up to 60 hours per month of connect time is included with additional charges for extra hours, for as low as $17/month.

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Technical Account

This account includes everything included in the Dial-In & Email account plus you have a home directory on our server which allows you create a WWW site. The URL for the website would be Up to 50MB of disk space is included for your email and Web files. Up to 60 hours of connect time are included. An average 50MB per day of network bandwidth is included for traffic to your Web site. All for as low as $25.50/month.

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Home Office

This account includes everything in the previous account plus you get your own domain name ( and one additional mailbox. Therefore, the URL for your website would be; the disk space allotment goes up to 100MB and the network bandwidth increases to an average of 100MB per day. All for as low as $38.25/month.

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If you don't see an account suited to your needs, we'll be happy to work with you to customize an account perfect for your business.

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