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BizNet Privacy Policy

This document describes BizNet's privacy policy. It is subject to change at any time. The policy currently in force will be available at this location. Any changes will become effective immediately upon posting the updates to this URL.

BizNet reserves the right to inspect any information stored on its servers or passed through its network at any time without notice to the person(s) who placed the information on the server or caused it to pass through our network. BizNet creates backups of all data stored on our servers to help minimize losses in the event of system failure and may store these backups for an indefinite period of time either at our site or in an offsite location. Network and system resource usage is logged for billing purposes and these logs are also analyzed for performance and security reasons.

BizNet will take reasonable steps to ensure our customers' privacy but will not be liable in any way for any damages should there be a violation of a customer's privacy arising from any perceived failure on our part to do so.

BizNet will not sell, trade or rent any customer's account information (including but not limited to name, address, phone, email, credit card or bank account) to any third party without the customer's prior approval.

BizNet will aid law enforcement officials in investigating possible criminal activities. We may also monitor network and system activities that we feel are suspicious or indicative of behavior that would be in violation of our policies.

For more information, see Biznet's full list of policies.

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